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More and more people are looking for high-quality, energy efficient homes in the heart of Brussels. This makes Brouck’R a truly advantageous investment. With Brouck’R apartments you are addressing an audience that attaches a lot of importance to a high quality of life and a sustainable lifestyle. In short: Brouck’R offers you the prospect of favourable returns. 


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Advantages for your renters

  • Exclusive living in a unique location: the heart of Brussels, close to the Dansaert neighbourhood, amongst others, and many hotspots.
  • Sustainable living environment on a human scale, with room for rest and reflection.
  • A lot of greenery in the middle of the city, smart energy solutions and good mobility. 
  • Many services and facilities in the neighbourhood. 

Advantages for you as investor

  • You will benefit from high rental income.
  • New property in the centre of Brussels is rare: your investment will therefore increase in value. 
  • In contrast to other investments, property remains safe and inflation proof.
  • Brouck’R is a future-oriented, sustainable and therefore responsible investment.

Our rental service makes your investment complete

If you would like to continue to enjoy your investment without any worries, our rental service, specialised in renting to eurocrats and expats, will gladly take this on. They cover almost all aspects of the rental, keep in touch with the renter and generally ensure a smooth rental experience with stable rental income.


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