Embrace the vibrant way of life in the heart of Brussels

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Embrace the vibrant way of life in the heart of Brussels

Perhaps you already live in Brussels. Maybe you can just see yourself coming to live in Brussels. Now is the time to make your dream come true. Not only is there a huge demand for new housing projects in Brussels but Brouck’R is also the most futuristic and sustainable living experience in the heart of the city. You can enjoy pure quality of life thanks to excellent mobility, numerous facilities, sufficient green spaces and smart energy solutions. This project allows you to embrace Brussels, making you feel connected to the city and to each other.


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Feel the Brussels vibe

Thanks to the central location you are very close to a number of lively places: the Dansaert neighbourhood, the Fish Market, the Place de la Bourse, the Grand Place and many more. There are hundreds of hotspots within easy reach - from numerous cafés and restaurants to concert venues such as the Ancienne Belgique






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Take advantage of the best mobility available 

There are many transport possibilities within walking distance: train and metro stations, as well as city bike stations, so you can easily make environmentally friendly choices for your mobility. Brouck’R provides spacious personal parking possibilities for cars, motorbikes and bicycles and there is also a community car park.


Enjoy sustainable living 

Although Brouck’R is located in the middle of a large city, you can still find enough greenery and space for it to be peaceful. Most of the apartments have a private balcony with south-west orientation. Biodiversity also plays a large role thanks to green facades, green interior gardens on 2 levels, many planter pots and much more. In addition, Brouck’R is always looking for sustainable solutions such as natural light, geothermic energy, green roofs, solar panels and rainwater recovery. 



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