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Brouck’R also offers an inspiring workplace for offices and organisations. The location in the centre of Brussels is particularly favourable and it has so much more to offer! You will work in a unique environment where historic heritage is in harmony with futuristic hubs. People will not just enjoy their work, but they will also have enough space to relax and reflect. 


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Strategic location in the heart of Brussels, close to numerous vibrant neighbourhoods.

A completely sustainable environment, with use of solar energy, rainwater recovery, geothermic energy and cyclist facilities, among other things. This is all in line with the BREEAM and WELL certificates. 



A healthy workplace: natural light promotes a feeling of wellbeing, optimal ventilation and many green areas such as the roof terrace and the green interior garden.  

Optimal mobility: Brouck’R is connected to a number of transport modes – from bicycles to planes – and offers plenty of underground parking space.